What is a ten frame?

In essence, a ten-frame is a 2 by 5 rectangular frame into which counters are placed to illustrate numbers less than or equal to ten, and are therefore very useful devices for developing number sense, initially within the context of 10 and then beyond.

Why you need to use ten-frames…

We are so convinced by the power of ten-frames that we feel every child aged between 4-6 years old should be experiencing some maths using a ten-frame. This means that if you have children in EYFS/Kindergarten then you NEED to be using the strategies found in our course.

It’s a bold statement to make, that everyone NEEDS to use ten-frames from EYFS/Kindergarten to Year 1. Why do we feel so strongly about this? Here are TEN reasons why we are so passionate about ten-frames…

  • Maths mastery– The ten-frames approach follows the maths mastery approach to teaching. We feel every child can master maths and the earlier you start using these strategies the quicker you will see your children develop into amazing mathematicians.
  • Reasoning– The approach used encourages quality questioning which, as a result, will develop strong reasoning skills. You will be able to hear for yourself children making powerful reasoning statements like, “5+5 is 10 so 5+4 must be 9 as it”s one less.”
  • Language– Developing language skills is not always easy. There are a vast array of reasons why children find mathematical language a challenge. As the ten-frames approach follows a visual approach to learning, it is much easier for children to, not just, understand the key mathematical language used at this level, but also start to use and model the language with ten-frames.
  • CPA approach– The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach is a major part of maths mastery and ten-frames by their nature are a hands-on tool for teachers to use that clearly follows the CPA approach and achieves one of the criteria for mastery.
  • Research– The approach we take follows research from the likes of Jerome Bruner – The CPA approach, Jean Piaget – Cognitive development, Zoltan Dienes and many others.
  • Top performing nations – Some of the leading countries in Maths education such as Singapore and parts of China (Shanghai as an example), use ten-frames to effectively teach number from an early age. These same children make rapid progress in future years as their core number sense is years beyond children in most other countries.
  • Outcomes– The outcomes from using ten-frames is immense. This is not hyperbole. We’ve seen it ourselves with children as young as 4 years old before they enter Reception class. We’ve seen it in schools from Reception to Year 1. We know it works and it has an incredible impact on children and schools.
  • Teacher reactions– We’ve trained hundreds of teachers on the approach and virtually every single teacher reacts in a very similar way – typically, in awe! Why? because they realise what an impact this will have on every single child in their class. When teachers react in this way, it means they are inspired by what they have seen!
  • Teacher feedback– We won’t go into this too much as we have a whole testimonials section for you to go through but teachers have typically commented on how powerful ten-frames will be for them when they go back to teaching the following day.
  • Learn through play– One of the key methods for teaching children at an early age must be through a method which enables them to feel at ease and in a playful environment. Learning through play is something that comes so easily to children and the ten-frames approach naturally allows teachers to explore numbers with learning through play in mind.

Why THIS course?

We’re confident you will see the benefits of using ten-frames, within a few attempts of using the approach in your setting. A valid question is why should you get our course for you or your school? We list key reasons why our course should be the one you purchase whether you are a school or a family.

  • We have been delivering Singapore Maths training for 8 years and ten-frames training specifically for over 5 years
  • This is the first online course of its kids and we are confident your children will reap the rewards from you using the strategies from our course
  • Schools that we have trained have gone on to feedback that their children are making tremendous progress within a short period of time
  • Our resources are all high-quality resources from HD videos to downloadable and printable resources that not only look amazing but work effectively
  • You will be able to send us feedback for each activity and let us know how it went for you in your lesson
  • You will get all updates inclusive of the package

Heard enough? You can order your subscription right now (Families and two School plans – Gold and Platinum) or if you have further questions you can send us a message.