What our fans are saying

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many different companies and schools. Here are some of the things they say about us and our CPD sessions…

The way the trainer constantly modelled the kind of dialogue he would have with children and the kind of questioning he would use (was what I liked).

Katherine Jones,
Beaulie Village Primary School

I think this training will have real impact. It has built teacher confidence by validating those aspects they had already begun implementing and has put these into context of the bigger picture. Critically it has provided an introduction to the pedagogy that underlies the mastery approach giving us a sound and shared basis to build on.

Helen Bligh,
Riverhead Infants

It was particularly good to have training geared towards early years. The trainer was very good at presenting the information.

Louise Nicholls,
William Gilpin Primary School

I was very interested in how we could implement Mastery into the Foundation Stage. I also enjoyed the bar modelling. We have just begun introducing it to the children.

Conor Costigan,
Riverhead Infants

Very hands on – able to have a go ourselves rather than just sit and listen and be told what to do. This gave a better idea of how we would teach it to the class and how important the resources are.

Sam Dempsey,
Manor Primary School

The most useful part of the ten-frames training was showing the importance of concrete and pictorial. Showing how to use the materials with your class.

Gillian Costello,
London Fields Primary School

I will definitely be using the games to help with number bonds and improve the children’s confidence. I found that learning about all the different ways to use a ten-frame and how useful the can be to help learning was the most useful part of the training.

Lucy Hurry

Very likely to start tomorrow! IT was really useful to see all the different suggestions of ways and resources and to understand I can use all of these for reasoning in EYFS. Thank you!

Anisa Farabi

There were great examples of different activities that I can implement into my daily practice and I can also adapt them to suit the different learners in my class. I found that it was useful to know that I can slow down to ensure greater depth of understanding. 

Katy Elliot

Leading Learning Trust

What an excellent CPD course, I really enjoyed it. Mohi Uddin was great!

Jane Tiller

EYFS Teacher

The session was amazing, so engaging. The breakdown of each step and the pedagogy behind the teaching along with ideas we can use in the classroom to support our children was so beneficial.

Pamela Drury

Reception Teacher

I found this training to be so beneficial and I can’t wait to try out the strategies in my class. I can already envisage my children gaining so much from the visuals and associating the correct language with the concrete-visual approach. This is really exciting!

Sophie Willock