Have a go at this with your children (aged 3-5).

Thank you for registering your email to receive this free lesson. You may be intrigued by our course, what is it all about? Here you can sample a short video and activity you can try out with you children. It’s one of the first videos from a series of 50+ videos in which we go through strategies you can use which as a result will allow your kids to master numeracy from an early age.

Ready to have a go? Remember this is a basic activity for 3-4 year olds and the activities get a lot more interesting as your children start to master each concept. Have a go and let us know what you think…

What you will need…

All you will need for this activity is:

  • An egg box, make sure the egg box has exactly 10 slots (5 by 2).
  • Some counters, preferably of the same colour. You can even use pasta pieces or small toys if you don’t have any counters.

Now that you’ve had a go, let us know how you got on. Did your child enjoy the activity? This is only one of MANY activities which will build confidence and allow your children to master maths.

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Still not sure?

If you are still not sure about our course, then we would recommend watching our most recent webinar, which is aimed at teachers, to see how much of an impact maths mastery from an early age can have on your children.