Ready for your children to master number work by learning through play?

This course covers over 50+ videos for you to watch at your own pace and then attempt to play with your children using the mathematical techniques we demonstrate in each video. These techniques are effective and will give your child immense confidence and joy in learning mathematics. We’ve seen this all across schools that we’ve trained and from teachers, just have a look at our testimonials page. This approach is based on sound research and is used in some of the top-performing countries for maths education.

Though the activities are to be used only for only 5-15 minutes, a few times a week, the outcomes are incredible. Soon enough you will see that your child has gained so much including:

  1. A growing awareness of numbers
  2. Increasing number sense – to be able to tell that 3 is one more than 2 for example without having to think about it.
  3. Rapid recall of groups, so when your child sees a group of items (let’s say of 4) they will instantly say 4, rather than count one at a time.
  4. This will allow them to then be able to recall number-facts such as 4+3 =7 and 3+4 = 7. They will be able to access certain number facts instantly.
  5. Their confidence will grow and they will start to develop an awareness of place value to a very high level for their age.
  6. Which in turn will allow them to add and subtract mentally very easily.
  7. Their subitising skills will be incredibly sharp which will them, in the future, help with multiplication and division
  8. …and so much more.

The course has had 95% outstanding feedback from teachers with most teachers expressing the desire to start the day after the course! We’re confident with this online course made available for you throughout the year, you will make even more progress whether you are at home or as a school

Give your children the skills which will leave a legacy.

School Platinum Package (Yearly) РUp to 100 individual accounts 

  • Online videos

  • All downloadable resources

  • Accounts for all teachers

  • Note-taking and feedback for each video

  • Individual parent account (limited to 100 teacher/parents account altogether)

  • End of course certificate

Only £499/year!